The Most Fragrant Plants

The Most Fragrant Plants. It smells heavenly and is very easy to grow. Lavender brings a fresh, beloved scent to indoor gardens. These Gardening Experts Nominate The World's 60 Most […]

Most Fragrant Plants

Most Fragrant Plants. A great plant that is way underused, summersweet, clethra alnifolia, also known as sweet pepper bush, is a native north american shrub that produces an abundance of […]

Most Fragrant Jasmine Plant

Most Fragrant Jasmine Plant. Plant jasmine in full to partial shade for better flowering. Humile (italian jasmine), the popular star jasmine is not a true jasmine, but wonderfully fragrant. Jasmine […]

Fragrant Shade Plants

Fragrant Shade Plants. 2′ to 8′ gardenias have pretty ivory white fragrant flowers that fill the air with their perfume. Late spring to early summer. NEW!! 30+ FRAGRANT RED PHLOX […]