Best Fragrant Plants

Best Fragrant Plants. Daphne is a winter plant that prefers cool weather, only blooming for a short period during february and march. Great for gardens with shaded areas.

10 Best Fragrant Flowers to Scent Your Spring Garden
10 Best Fragrant Flowers to Scent Your Spring Garden from

It is native to the southeast. Humile (italian jasmine), the popular star jasmine is not a true jasmine, but wonderfully fragrant. Star jasmine ( trachelospermum jasminoides) comes from china.

Plant As Part Of A Mixed Border Or In Large Swaths For Impact, Suggests Tankersley.

Enjoy my guide to the 15 best smelling indoor plants that will leave your home smelling divine! Give them plenty of air circulation so they won't get powdery mildew. A pure white tall variety that's especially fragrant

Strongly Scented, Paperwhites Are A Divisive Bud:

How do i plant fragrant indoor plants? Blooms are huge, pure white blooms and are winter hardy. Lilac bushes don’t do well in high heat, and they do best in hardiness zones three through seven.

The Gorgeous White Blooms Look Lovely Nestled In Among The Glossy Dark, Green Leaves.

The casa blanca oriental lily is a four bulb perennial with strong fragrance and makes for great cut flowers. There are different varieties of this flower to choose from, including mint, cinnamon, chocolate, citrus, lemon, fringed apple and rose. One of the best fragrant plants varieties in this group is the sixteen candles clethra.

Its Purpose Is To Attract Insects And Birds To The Flower So That The Plant Can Reproduce.

This citrusy plant is not only known for its smell, but also for its easy care steps to grow healthy. Lily of the valley (convallaria): Great for gardens with shaded areas.

Geraniums Are Gorgeous Fragrant Flowering Plants That Are Perfect For Pots, Containers, Hanging Baskets And Window Boxes.

Plant these florals as bulbs and expect them to bloom in late winter or early spring. And then it's up to you to decide whether the musky scent smells good (which is our opinion!) or like dirty socks, as other suggest. However, the daphne’s bloom produces an alluring fragrance that might be worth all the extra care and effort.

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