The Most Fragrant Plants

The Most Fragrant Plants. It smells heavenly and is very easy to grow. Lavender brings a fresh, beloved scent to indoor gardens. These Gardening Experts Nominate The World's 60 Most […]

Most Fragrant Plants

Most Fragrant Plants. A great plant that is way underused, summersweet, clethra alnifolia, also known as sweet pepper bush, is a native north american shrub that produces an abundance of […]

Most Fragrant Jasmine Plant

Most Fragrant Jasmine Plant. Plant jasmine in full to partial shade for better flowering. Humile (italian jasmine), the popular star jasmine is not a true jasmine, but wonderfully fragrant. Jasmine […]

Fragrant Shade Plants

Fragrant Shade Plants. 2′ to 8′ gardenias have pretty ivory white fragrant flowers that fill the air with their perfume. Late spring to early summer. NEW!! 30+ FRAGRANT RED PHLOX […]

Fragrant Plants List

Fragrant Plants List. This particular species is the most fragrant of all and blooms twice a year. Franklinia alatamaha with honey bee. Fragrant Plants List / 10 Fragrant Shrubs Garden […]

Fragrant Indoor Plants

Fragrant Indoor Plants. Add these fragrant indoor plants and make your space smell delightful no matter what season. This tropical plant grows well in indoor conditions. Interesting Fragrant Indoor Plants […]

Fragrant Patio Plants

Fragrant Patio Plants. Scented plants can make your patio that much more relaxing and enjoyable. And then it's up to you to decide whether the musky scent smells good (which […]

Fragrant Plants Florida

Fragrant Plants Florida. Confederate jasmine is a nice addition to florida landscapes with its climbing habit. It can easily be grown in large containers and flowers at a young age. […]

Fragrant House Plants

Fragrant House Plants. Lily of the valley (convallaria): Our fragrant houseplants are not only charming, they also provide a scent reminiscent of spring. 10 Best Smelling Fragrant Indoor Plants You […]