Fragrant Bedding Plants

Fragrant Bedding Plants. A must have for your summer bedding schemes, tumbelina petunias simply the best double flowering petunias you can grow. Very popular for summer beds, borders and containers. […]

Most Fragrant Indoor Plants

Most Fragrant Indoor Plants. Aside from its beautiful appearance, jasmine is. Grow french lavender as a houseplant, which flowers continuously in bright light and makes dreamy sachets for your dresser. […]

Fragrant Plant

Fragrant Plant. Get ideas for adding fragrant flowers and plants in your landscape, and learn tips on how to plant and care for some popular fragrant plants. See the page […]

Fragrant Jasmine Plants

Fragrant Jasmine Plants. Plant jasmine and add the delight of sumptuous fragrance to your garden. Produces a sweet, rich fragrance when blooming. Pink Jasmine Plant Jasminum polyanthum Fragrant 2.5 from […]

Very Fragrant Plants

Very Fragrant Plants. Late winter / early spring. A great plant that is way underused, summersweet, clethra alnifolia, also known as sweet pepper bush, is a native north american shrub […]

Best Fragrant Indoor Plants

Best Fragrant Indoor Plants. Bay laurel or sweet laurel. This hardy herb can usually survive outdoors in cold climates, but keeping yours in a container will allow you to bring […]

Fragrant Jasmine Plant

Fragrant Jasmine Plant. The name jasmine is derived from the persian ‘yasmin’, meaning a gift from god, and is so named because of the intense fragrance of the blooms of […]